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The more flexible the web solution is, the greater for potentially encountering errors increases. WordPress is an extremely flexible web solution that offers the user a lot of options but at the same time is prone to plenty of errors. Plus you need a web server, hosting provider, and a database management system. All of these components are independent factors that also contribute to potential problems.

The different types of problems you may encounter with your WordPress could include slow performance, incorrect or damaged content, error messages in the console, and worst of all: the white screen of death (WSoD), website has crashed and requires immediate attention!

If you have performance issues, even such a delay of fewer than 2 seconds is something you should be greatly concerned about because it could (and will) damage your SEO strategy and your positioning in search engine results. The slower response time on the website, the less visitors return to your content. Who likes to load a slow website on their phone?

It is crucial to have tools in our developer utility belt whenever a website is not working properly. That way we can analyze the site and correctly fix any usability, performance or other errors that we may find.

Debugging WordPress

Debugging is the task software developers perform to detect and remove errors (also bugs) from software code. This is done with the aid of specialized tools that let you see what’s going on inside a program while it is executing. 

Developers are a lot like doctors when they are debugging a software solution. We take our tools and analyze the inner workings of the site in-order to gain the equivalent knowledge to identify the source of the error and fix the problem.

Let us talk about some of those options developers use.

    WordPress has a great built in debugging aid that commonly is overlooked. The activation of this “flag” function called WP_DEBUG will trigger debug mode in WordPress whenever it is activated. When you activate WP_DEBUG, a log is generated that records all of your website’s activity. By reading this log, you may find out what is not working correctly on your WordPress website.To turn on WP_DEBUG, you need to do some coding, by editing your wp-config.php file and adding the necessary lines to command your website to record all activity in the log. This coding task is not for everyone: you need to be very careful when editing the wp-config.php file, because if you misplace a line or even a character, your website may stop working

2. WPDB Error Reporting

If you know or suspect that your website’s database is causing problems, you can enable WPDB Error Reporting. This also requires some coding. Once you enable error reporting, you can instruct your website to begin displaying database errors on the screen. YOu setup the WPDB error reporting in the same way you setup the WP debug in the config.php file. This will generate database error reports into the debugging log.

3. Staging Environment

A staging site is an exact clone of the production site, this provides a “testing” area to make changes, updates and any other issues that require attention. It is a great idea to use the debug tools in the staging environment to figure out problems or monitor its behavior so you can have the ability to figure problems out without interfering with the live site.

4. Query Monitor

It is a complete developer panel for WordPress, enabling the debugging of scripts, stylesheets, API calls, database queries, PHP errors, and more. Some advanced features let you debug Ajax calls and do user capability checks. Very advanced tool that I have been using for years.

Need for Debugging:

There are many problems that a user can face, such as incorrect or damaged content, slow performance, error messages, or even a white screen of death. WSOD generally means that your website has crashed and requires immediate attending. In the end knowing how to debug your site is advantageous to your business goals as a website owner. 

In the end we leaders in the WordPress development field have to ask ourselves?

If serving is beneath us then leadership is beyond us.
Adam M. Victor is one of the co-founders of AVICTORSWORLD, feel free to reach out to him directly at avictorsworld@gmail.com with any questions.

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