Color Contrast and why it’s Important to Web Accessibility | 2023

Color Contrast Accessibility | AVICTORSWORLD

Color Contrast is Important to Communicate

Color Contrast is a vital part of our society, it helps us communicate with ideas and emotions. The expression of color is used to describe experiences and achieve results across many industries. 

Colors help us navigate the world by providing a richness and depth to reality. Different colors evoke emotions and cause us to feel differently.

Color is as much a part of our reality as it is our culture.

Color is Important for Readability of your Content

The “contrast” of colors that are used on your web application is extremely important to users with low vision and color blind individuals. If you have good color contrast that means “all users” will be able to view the content you publish with certainty no matter the device that it is viewed on. People who use your website that have limited vision or other color affecting text if there is not enough contrast between the text and background.

Web Accessibility WCAG Guidelines

Web accessibility is the practice of designing the web application for “everyone”. Individuals with disabilities navigate the internet in many different ways. People who are deaf or hearing impaired may use captioning functionality. People with fine motor difficulties affect their ability to grasp and use a mouse may use voice recognition software to control their computers and other devices with verbal commands. If you as the business owner from the beginning have a web solution created for your business that adhered to web standards including color contrast accessibility.

What is color contrast ratio?

Web content accessibility guidelines require content to be accessible to users who are visually-impaired and/or are color blind. Color combinations that are accessible to all people with disabilities are essential when creating color schemes for websites.

WCAG Compliance Results | AVICTORSWORLD

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