Friendship that grew into marriage and now is a partnership we call AVICTORSWORLD

What started out as mentorship turned into friendship that grew into marriage and now is a partnership we call AVICTORSWORLD.

2004 Adam was my tutor during two terms of college in our programming classes. He was clearly smarter than our professors and he loved to learn. He is also an epileptic who doesn’t drive and I found him to be absolutely fascinating.

In 2010 we found each other again on social media. He was working full time, going to school full time, and seeing his son when he could.

We gave each other the confidence to do scary things. In 2011 Adam left the comfort of factory work and stepped into his field of study. We created a home for our blended family and I drove him almost an hour one way to work everyday. It was the beginning, very humble times but it’s made us who we are.

We married in 2012 on Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan. We fell in love with Lake Michigan that day.

For years I’ve been my husband’s sounding board. Often I make the joke that I went into IT to meet and be able to talk to my husband. He is very passionate about what he does and is constantly training himself on the most current way to do things.

After over 10 years in the field Adam is a GURU in Web User Experience. Unfortunately and often his advice goes on death ears as he watches companies continue to cut corners providing inferior products and web solutions to save time and money.

My name is Stacy E. Victor and I have been in some form of sales or service work since my first job at 11 years old. Helping people is my passion. I am deeply empathetic and I love people from every walk of life.

Having a degree in IT allows me to speak “tech language” to average people and I know how to ask for what you want from your developer and get it done.

For several years we have been helping small business owners, one client at a time with their web presence which allowed me to strengthen my project management and client relations skills.

We started traveling heavily to lower north western Michigan in 2019. That’s when we found our passion and the need to protect the water.

We formed AVICTORSWORLD as a women owned business so that I would have something that is mine that I can use to serve others and allow Adam to step away from the corporate grind.

Taking a leap of faith and moved ourselves and AVICTORSWORLD to Bellaire, MI in August 2022. We want to help regenerate growth in small and medium businesses while being closer to Lake Michigan to actively protect the water.

We are small and family owned.

We are humble, and hungry to serve the community. We understand how the web works, and how to make it work for you.

We know you probably have a website that you probably paid too much for or you didn’t invest in it at all. We also know your Facebook business page is likely generating more business for you then your website and we all know Facebook is going Meta which means your business page will no longer serve you in the way you’re used too.

We also know your google ranking has fallen because your website is not compliant. There are rules and regulations to having a website that if you don’t follow you could be sued for and it’s our job to protect you from that.

We know you want to be ranked higher than your competition. That you need to look better than them, and that you want your potential customer to stay on your page for more than five seconds.

This is what we specialize in,

AVICTORSWORLD understands organic marketing, search engine optimization, web compliance, and intuitive best practices for outstanding user experiences.

We are looking for other business owners and individuals who want to be found on the internet without breaking the bank.

We desire to grow our business, and we want to help you grow yours. Let’s collaborate and we will grow our businesses together!

To your success,

The Victors: Stacy and Adam

Stacy and Adam Victor | AVICTORSWORLD